19 augustus 1999



25 mei 2014

Ellen Hendrickson (Orlando-USA)


Samson. 19-08-1999 / 28-05-2014 


I have been dreading this day for so, so long. I knew it would come, but I just couldn't let you go ... until now. Today I had to say goodbye to you. Your time had come to be free and run with nothing holding you back. I did all I could to ...keep you happy and keep you living the way you've always lived, but time wasn't on my side anymore. Be free to run and play with Payton. She showed you how to be happy and enjoy running on the 5 acres we all shared. She taught you so much more than I could ... Unconditional Love. I have so many memories (and pictures) so you will never be far away from me (EVER!). You have been my confidant when I needed someone to tell my worries or my fears to, my shoulder to cry on when I felt lost and most of all the love of my life. You were not one to show your affection like most, but as time went on, you knew how much I loved you and you returned the love with some of your precious kisses. I loved your kisses. They made me feel special and loved.


I will cherish everything about you. Your happy spirit, our loud sheltie "talks", heaven for bid I leave a room while your asleep to awake and I'm not there (panic ... where's my mom!!) and most of all your speed. I will never forget how you raced me down the long drive way in the country when I got home each day from work. You had to show me how fast you were ... faster than my sports car! And ... You always won! You have brightened my days and nights for almost 16 years (15 years, 9 months, 10 days). I still can't believe this day has come. Be free my "little fighter" ~ "little man" Samson. Enjoy your new legs again and carefree days. You deserve to be happy and I know, you know, you made me the happiest mommy in the world. Until we meet again ... I LOVE YOU with all my heart.


~ Sweet Dreams Samson


~ Mommy